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Dead or perhaps dormant.

I do however write with my wonderful friend Elizabeth over at Real Living Beauty!

State of the __________.

May 6, 2010 § 2 Comments

Four months into my new life. Time to take stock of things.

The inciting incident: immediately after graduating college (and the subsequent winter holidays), I move to Illinois to live with my Unmarried Partner (a new term of endearment we picked up from the 2010 Census), for the duration of his studies at the University of Chicago Law School.

When I realized that I wanted to move with Adam when he got into law school, I made a to-do list. I am prone to doing so as they give me a false sense of control. Originally he got into UMichigan, so this list is entitled:

Things to do in Michigan in January:

1. Convince the boyfriend unit that we need a Husky dog. Clearly an investment. It can pull me on my sled to work when the car gets snowed in.

2. Get a job with dingy English degree. Or without it. Sigh.

3. Find a Tae Kwon Do school. The little ninja inside of me wants to hit things. It’s causing internal damage.

4. Use regained self discipline from Tae Kwon Do to focus writerly impulses on a single project. Complete said project. Bask in said project’s glory. Feel validated.

5. Make new friends. Attend gatherings and events with new friends.

6. Continue to delight in dish washing elbow to elbow with boyfriend unit. Fill new apartment with laughter.

So, we didn’t end up in Ann Arbor, we ended up in Chicago, but I still feel like I can apply this list to my life.

1. Get a Husky dog. My powers of persuasion are no match for my Unmarried Partner’s aversion to pet hair. After months of negotiations, I’ve managed to procure a “Maybe” for a small, short-haired, cat. A black one, to match the couch.

2. Get a job. I am now an assistant teacher at a Montessori School. My class is a mixed age group of 3-6 year olds.

3. Find a Tae Kwon Do School. I’ve looked, but have not yet collected the funds/guts for this undertaking. I studied TKD from when I was 12ish until I was 18 and then quit just shy of a black belt to focus on school.  Now, I get winded walking up the stairs to get to my classroom. (It’s only the 3rd story.)

4. Write. If this blog is any indication, I really haven’t been writing.

5. Make new friends. I’ve been saying “yes!” to everything I can to meet new people. I joined the staff kickball team. I go to whatever I’m invited to even if it takes an hour to get there on the train. This city is so big, so overwhelming. At first, when I was on the train I would think I saw people I knew all the time. Of course, they weren’t anybody I knew. Four months in, I’m not really doing that anymore. I miss my friends at home though, and Skype with Elizabeth all the time. I get to go home for a week at the end of this month, and I’m so excited. However, I’m getting into a groove here, and loving meeting as many people as possible and doing new things. I went to a cooking class spontaneously with another teacher from work, and we drank wine and made fancy french food. Drunk and full, standing on the train platform afterwards, I started to feel at home.

6. Be in love. Of course, I already feel at home in my apartment, because where Adam is, I’m home.

All things considered, I’m doing well. Also, we’ve been cooking:



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I should change my URL to

Those Swedes are Geniuses

January 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

I have lived in Chicago for one week as of tonight.
Spending so much time with the boyfriend unit again is really nice. Warm fuzzies pretty much abound, especially on Sunday, when we had a little spend fest (eep) at IKEA, Target, and this grocery called Dominick’s.

This was my first brush with this little store called IKEA, which now furnishes our apartment exclusively. It looks really rad, if I do say so, and I do. Plus, it was super cheap! I got a bookshelf and a dresser, plus several impulse purchases (a scarf organizer, a set of mojito glasses…you know, the necessities) for like $100. That’s awesome.

Also. Those Swedes are freaking geniuses. IKEA enables you to roam it’s magical floors for hours. Free breakfast? Are you kidding me? Hook, line and sinker, man. Every corner I turned I was like, “Oh, hello, dream office,” and “Oh, hello, dream kitchen.” Ridiculous.

Maybe I’m revealing how small-town I am here, but I kind of bugged out at the cart- escalator. That’s brilliant! It carries your cart right next to you on the escalator. I was like, What? Then later there was one at Target, too! (I’ve never been to a Target with more than one floor before. Go figure.)

This grocery store was pretty huge, too. Back in Albuquerque I went to this joint affectionately referred to by all as “Ghetto Smith’s.” There wasn’t even a cosmetics aisle, just this one brand of compact and mascara hanging in the checkout line, next to the gum. There were like six lanes but consistently only two cashiers on duty.

Anyway, life in Chicago has gone like this so far: every weekday, Adam leaves really early to go off and learn about the Law, and I scour the internet for a job. That night when he gets home, we make dinner and drink wine while watching something on Netflix instant watch. So far my favorite nights have included Clueless, the eternal classic, and Sunshine Cleaning, which took place in Albuquerque! As in, the story took place there, not like it was shot there and then called El Paso. It was also, incidentally, really good.

It’s all very cozy here, but I really need a job, dude. I’m going a little bonkers. I clean the apartment everyday and like, I did Adam’s laundry and sorted out the socks and stuff. This cannot continue.

I made two resumes, one for childcare gigs and one for writing gigs. Not that there are either of those aplenty. I know I shouldn’t think of this as the beginning of my career or anything, since I want to go back to school eventually, but it would be nice to do something I cared about. Or at least something that inspired me. Mostly something that paid me.

Also, I’ve started getting some short stories together to submit to literary magazines. Fingers crossed.

And now, I submit, for your consideration: Me vs. The Big Ass Pile of Snow.

I’m here.

January 8, 2010 § Leave a comment

…in Chicago, but so far I haven’t done much, except make the exact same breakfast that I make for myself every other day, and watch Juno with commentary.

I had a cold, for the first two days of my Upper Midwestern residence. I spent them bundled up on Adam’s black couch, being confused by Xbox Live in relation to Netflix, getting up every so often to peek outside, at the snow.

My new tattoo is really itchy and I’ve been applying olive oil to it quite liberally. I just got it on Sunday- it’s a Zia, and I’m in love with it. I’d been stuck on the idea of getting it right before I left, like a ceremony of sorts. Apparently, the foot is one of the most painful places to get a tattoo, according to the tattoo artist. I don’t know, since I have nothing to compare it to- but I will say this: it hurt like a mother. My friends, Elizabeth and Kira, stood over me the entire time (about an hour) holding my hands and talking. Because it hurt less when they were talking.

Now, with my sickness behind me, I think I’ll go out there and poke around.